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 +Many people have used power sensors to detect when a washing machine or dish washer has finished its cycle and needs to be unloaded. This typically monitors a standard current sensor using a smart plug, and triggers based on a change/fall in the current. I felt this was inelegant as it relied upon Home Assistant to continuously check the state of the current, when there is a perfectly good microcontroller which can do that for us.
 +The following ESPHome excerpt turns a typical smart plug into a sensor which will report on the state of a washing machine.
 +- platform: hlw8012
 +    sel_pin:
 +      number: GPIO12
 +      inverted: True
 +    cf_pin: GPIO4
 +    cf1_pin: GPIO5
 +    model: BL0937
 +    initial_mode: CURRENT
 +    change_mode_every: 4294967295
 +    update_interval: 2s
 +    current:
 +      name: "HLW8012 Current"
 +      internal: true
 +      on_value_range:
 +      - below: 0.02
 +        then:
 +          - text_sensor.template.publish:
 +              id: machine_state
 +              state: "Off"
 +      - above: 0.02
 +        below: 0.1
 +        then:
 +          - text_sensor.template.publish:
 +              id: machine_state
 +              state: "Standby"
 +      - above: 0.1
 +        then:
 +          - text_sensor.template.publish:
 +              id: machine_state
 +              state: "Running"
 +  - platform: template
 +    name: "Washing Machine"
 +    update_interval: 10s
 +    icon: "mdi:washing-machine"
 +    id: machine_state
 +It should be noted that this hides all of the regular power reporting sensors from Home Assistant. This suited my use-case, however it would be possible to make a hybrid sensor and expose this alongside the washing machine state. For my switch I also hid all of the regular smart controls, and configured the switch to always be on.
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